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Nepal Plane Crash Search Paused For Missing Flight With 22 On Board

Nepal Plane Crash: Search Paused For Missing Flight With 22 On Board
Nepal Plane Crash

 Friends, the big news is that the plane that went missing inside Nepal has crashed. Secondly, you must know that Nepal is a country close to India and unfortunately there are many planes crashing there. And the news came at a time when a small ready-made province was flying on a popular route with 22 people when it suddenly lost contact with its headquarters, meaning that the headquarters was not getting any news about it. Karne placed two helicopters behind him to check the readiness of where the plane is and in what condition it is, but the helicopter failed to find the plane and

found the wreckage of the plane from a prophet of Nawal. People living near this river in Nepal have reported the matter to the Nepal Army. They had seen some traces of the plane which they told the Army to clear when the Army searched the matter. Let us tell you that this plane has crashed which disappeared after taking off in the morning and it is now completely destroyed. There were safaris in which you guys would tell us what country the plane was on, then you would tell people that there were Nepali passengers inside the plane, as well as three Japanese nationals and two Germans. And 4 Indians as well as three Nepalese crew members who were on board to take care of the people inside the ship have all died because the ship is completely present. No survivors have been identified so far. It is clear that the mother has died.


Most of you are wondering why the planes are crashing. Friends, there are more hair planes that crash because most of Nepal is located in mountainous areas and you must know that the weather in mountainous areas changes very quickly ie in mountainous areas. The weather is not guaranteed at any time of the year, which can cause a great deal of damage to the aircraft flying over it. The Union had banned Nepalese aircraft in its airspace in 2013 because their aircraft could not take off in EU airspace. They were severely damaged. Due to its failure to do so, it was ordered to be blacklisted.that


was flying inside Nipal was run to test the lifter which crashed into a hill and crashed. The helicopter crashed into a hill, causing a sigh of relief to the people who were present at the meeting. As a result, the Nepalese government ordered a full investigation into the incident, which revealed that the weather was out of balance.struck shortly after


noon in front of a Bangladeshi airliner returning from Dhaka in March 2018. The plane skidded off the runway and collided with the airport's boundary, stopping at a football field and then exploding there. This is the third time in the history of Nepal that the crash has caused so much controversy. Did not and entered the plane in the wrong direction which caused the plane to crash

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