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Shahbaz Gill Reaction on Maryam Nawaz PMLN Bahawalpur Failed Jalsa 2022

Shahbaz Gill Reaction on Maryam Nawaz PMLN Bahawalpur Failed Jalsa
Shahbaz Gill

 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member Shahbaz Gill on Twitter mocked PML-N, saying that these people are running away from the election because it is clear to them that this has been their government for two years. The people did not vote for them, so they will enjoy their luxury only for these two years, after which they will flee the country because they have stolen so much money in these two years that they can rest. And those who have sided with them will remain in poor Pakistan and will be caught by the government. Nawaz and other influential personalities who were essential personalities of PML-N were waiting for the people in the meeting hall of Bahawalpur. They did not come to their meeting at all.

Shahbaz Gill shared a short video on his Twitter account via Twitter. He wrote that these people are trembling from the election because people know that there is no one to vote for them at this time. It is still time to hold elections, but why will you hold elections? So you know that we are thieves in Pakistan. It is necessary to come into government for one or two years to cover them up. But this dream of PTI will never come true. Thieves will be punished for their theft. He said about Nawaz Sharif that Nawaz Sharif also had a passport and asked why Nawaz Sharif was not coming to Pakistan. So why don't they bring Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan because they know that the court here has declared him a thief? They will come to Pakistan and spend the rest of their lives in jails.


Shahbaz Gill said that their honor is now Pakistan. I have not lived at all, and at the same time, in London, people are chanting slogans about the thief in front of their house. We will not stop because these people have returned to Pakistan for thirty years. All the problems in Pakistan have come because of these people because they took loans from other countries in the name of Pakistan, and later on, they started doing it for their luxury. Therefore, he did the work in Pakistan, which has the most corruption. In his tweet, he said that people have now known about the thieves. Now people will decide in whose hands Pakistan will be. Some people know that now people have lost confidence in you. People don't like to see you, but you can see from Imran Khan's meetings.


How much do people like him? People don't like to look at shapes. People think you have been waiting for people there, but people have not come to your meeting, but you are still busy giving speeches in front of these three or four people. You people have not felt ashamed. Give guidance and guidance to the thief who is currently hiding in London. He said that whenever he came to Pakistan, he should be punished. This government is trying its best to call Nawaz Sharif honest and trustworthy, but be honest and reliable. He has left no stone unturned. It will be found in Pakistan.

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