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How to make money online on youtube without showing face without voice & editing

Friends, if you also want to earn money by showing your face on YouTube and recording your voice, then you have come to the right article because in this article I will tell you the complete method that will not need your face. And not for your voice, you just have to create a YouTube channel and edit the video and upload it on your YouTube channel and you can do all this work at home and earn a good amount of money from all this work. For this, you guys will need mobile and editing software which you can easily get on the play store one very important thing is that you guys should know some video editing in today's era. You guys can learn it in a day by watching on YouTube 

So, the first thing you should do is create a channel where you don't need your face or your voice, for example, you can create a YouTube channel related to information. Apart from this, we can tell you about the mobile laptop, and news on the YouTube channel, there you people will not need your face or your voice, that is, you people have to create a YouTube channel where you people have this. The kind of video you want to make is about making a video about something where you don't need a face or a voice.  

Now I will tell you guys how to find images and videos when you want to make a video for your YouTube channel and use them without any copyright or any rights within you. But don't take legal action. In this article, I will tell you about a website where you can create your photos and videos and use them in your videos. There will be no copyright strike by Tube 

After that, now the problem remains that the sound inside the video. In this article, I will tell you about a website where you can get a good sound without any copyright issues. All you have to do is write an article and upload it there. Inside the article, you have to write what you want to say in this video, then you will get the entire article in the form of a voice which You guys can later use in your YouTube video and later edit your video and upload it on YouTube channel, so now tell people about the websites that you guys use to upload videos and Can get sound 

So first of all let's tell you guys about videos and photos from which website you guys have to get them or more people don't get copyright problems with friends and are the two best websites here You guys will get all kinds of videos and images you want and you can use them inside your videos. You guys won't face any kind of copyright issues. YouTube also uses images and videos from the same website 

Now the problem with your voice of you guys is left which is the best website to get voice and the website where you guys get the best voice so this website is called voice maker. in it is an India website. Here you have to upload any article that you have written on this website. This website will convert the article written by you into an excellent voice and provide you with this website. A man and a woman captured in different voices Now it's up to you what kind of voice you want to use Here you can download the best voice and use it in your videos without any copyright. of the problem 

Friends, this is the method by which you can easily earn thousands and millions of rupees sitting at home with just a little effort. If you use it in a good way, you will start making good money from YouTube very soon 

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